Q: What does VLT mean ?
Visible Light Transmission

Q: What is Darkest Legal Tint ?
Front Row - All Vehicles - No less than 35%VLT ( blocks 65% light )

Rear - Passenger Vehicles
No less than 20%VLT sides / screen ( blocks 80% light )

Rear - Commercial Vans ( no seats )
Any tint allowed ( 5%VLT ) payload area

NB: This DOES NOT APPLY to passenger vehicles that have
been registered as commercial vehicles for tax purposes

Q: What is Factory Privacy Glass ? 
Dark coloured glass ( ~20%VLT ) installed by manufacturer
to all but the front two doors / windscreen

Q: Can you tint the front doors to match factory privacy glass ? 
No - that would render your vehicle unroadworthy, void your insurance and make us liable.

Q: Will we tint factory privacy glass ?
No - most reject >80% UV and reasonable levels of heat

Q: How can I tell if my car is tinted ? 
Check around the inside of the rear screen for a visible edge of film. 
Partly wind down a window and check along the inside top edge, especially in the corner. A short youtube example here.

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