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Which tint do you use ?

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What is your warranty ?

Nationwide, life of ownership. 

Suntek Auto Tint Warranty

What does VLT mean ?

Visible Light Transmission

35% VLT blocks 65% visible light

20% VLT blocks 80% visible light

What is darkest legal tint ?

'Darkest legal' is a level of VLT
specific to each window on a vehicle.

It has no bearing on the colour,
performance, shade or reflectivity.

Eg. Ceramic films generally appear
more neutral in colour than Carbon.

• Two Front Doors 
35% VLT

• Rear Sides + Rear Screen 
20% VLT for passenger vehicles
5% VLT for commercial vans

Darkest legal tint regulations Queensland Transport

What is privacy glass ?

Dark coloured glass installed by the vehicle manufacturer to the rear sides
and rear windscreen.

Factory privacy glass example

Most privacy glass is approximately 20% VLT
It rejects upwards of 80% UV
and ~50% total solar energy.

Free testing available

Can I tint privacy glass ?

- No -

Fitting of coloured film is not permitted,
would render your vehicle unroadworthy
and possibly void insurance. 

Can you tint the front windscreen ?

- No -

Windscreens reject high levels of UV 
due to laminate construction.

Fitting of coloured film is not permitted,
would render your vehicle unroadworthy
and possibly void insurance. 

A small upper glare strip is permitted
From $110 with full tint purchase

Can you match old tint ?

- Yes + No -
New tint will appear darker

Can you tint the front doors
to match with privacy glass ?

- No -

Do you remove old tint ?

- Yes -

Prices start from $110 

[ Full car approx two hours ]

How to remove old tint ?

Interior panels are removed.

Film is steamed off.

Glue residue is chemically removed.

Rear demister functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Is my car already tinted ?

Check around the inside of the rear screen in the black masked perimeter for a physical edge to any possible tint fitted prior.

Partially lower a door window and
check the top edge internally.

Is it ok if one window doesn't work ?

- No -

Please ensure all windows and gas strut tailgates function prior to booking.

Which cars do you tint ?

Most Japanese / Korean
Post 2000
[ All enquiries vehicle specific ]

Not all cars are built the same.
Complexity of interior design 
affects time required.

Sedan interior prepared for window tint application

Can I bring my own film ?

- No -

Can I leave baby seats in ?

- Yes -
We will remove baby 
seats when access is required.
For insurance purposes,
we will not re-fit

Can my car be full of stuff ?

- Yes + No -
Sedans + 2 door hatch
require rear seat access

Customer car requirements prior to tinting

Is the tint inside or outside ?

Prepared on the outside
Fitted to the inside

Care Instructions ?

Do not operate windows

- or -

Clean the tint for 48 hours

[ Use only pH neutral products ]

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